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The School’s ballet program is based on the ballet syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)  which is designed to provide a solid foundation in ballet training for aspiring ballet students and to cultivate their interest in ballet.  Through ballet lessons, students will benefit from improvement to their fitness generally and their flexibility.  Apart from dance steps and technique, the School strives to develop their creativity, showmanship and confidence.

The course is divided into three main categories: infants (3-5 years), children (5+ years) and professional training (11+ years).

The Royal Academy of Dance conducts an internationally renowned dance examination designed to provide a systematic training in ballet for students of all ages and abilities.  At the same time, the examination also enables students to accumulate UCAS points for university placement in the United Kingdom. Students who are successful in the examination will be awarded with the relevant certificates and examination results analysis. The awards in some levels will also include a medal or trophy for deserving candidates.



Jazz dancing is an energetic and vivid form of dance.  Students learn dance steps with variations allowing for improvement in musicality, coordination, power, style and showmanship.  Jazz training also incorporates techniques in ballet for the purpose of improving the students’ posture and physical fitness. 

The course adopts the syllabus of Jazz Addict set by the  Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA).  The course is divided into two main categories: Infants (3-4 years), children (4+ years).  The 2 categories are sub divided into different levels.  In each level, different exercises and trainings are used, such as: hand coordination, classical techniques, floor exercises, pouirettes, jete, and dance combinations.  Through this training, students can grow into and become a dance performer and showman.

Students are able to join the yearly Jazz Addict exams. Exams are divided into several levels; pre school, infants grade 1-2, children grades 1-3, beginners grades 1-3, intermediate grades 1-3, advanced grades 1-2 and professional jazz.



 Course Type  Price
Group (lesson) ¥200
Private (lesson) ¥400
Once per week (RAD Grade 5 or below) ¥800
Once per week (RAD Grade 6 or below) ¥880
Twice per week (RAD Grade 5 or below) ¥1,400
Twice per week (RAD Grade 6 or below) ¥1,560

Remarks: Ballet

RAD Grade 1 below—45 minutes per lesson;

RAD Grade 1 to 8—60 mins per lesson;

Professional Grade—90 mins per lesson

Whether how many weeks per month, tuition fee is same.

 Course Type  Price
Group (lesson) ¥200
Private (lesson) ¥400
Once per week (Pre-School/Primary/Junior/Elementary) ¥800
Once per week (Intermediate and Advanced or above) ¥880

Remarks: Jazz Addict

(Pre-school/Primary/Junior/Elementary)—45 mins per lesson;

Intermediate and Advanced or above—60 mins per lesson

Whether how many weeks per month, tuition fee is same.