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Skating Student and Parents / Guardian Reminder


Enrollment and course payment must be completed on or before the 1st lesson of the course. Otherwise, student will not be arranged to any session of lessons. If student chooses to settle course fee by cheque, please prepare separate cheque for each 1 course and each 1 student ONLY. Cheque(s) should be payable to “The Rink Limited” (Except Festival Course, Summer Course, Holiday Ice Experience, Introductory Course & Walk-in lesson) For re-enrollment of regular 5-lessons course and the ease of new course and lesson sessions arrangement, students are recommended to re-enroll during either the 4th or 5th lesson of current course attending. Settled course payment is not refundable if lesson sessions are confirmed and registered at the skating school. The type / nature of course is not changeable and settled course payment is not transferable to other parties if lesson sessions are confirmed and registered at the skating school. All Regular 5-lessons Courses must be completed within 5 weeks only from the time of enrollment after which the balance will be forfeited. No refund or re-schedule for forfeited lesson. The skating school has the right to suspend a course for further student collection due to insufficient number of students for particular course type. The suspension of course can be exceptional only under the agreement between the skating school management and the coach. The skating school has the right to request for, or the student can request to pay a higher fee for another course type which is ready to start. Our skating school reserves the final decision right on the class size by level and age of students.

Attending Lessons

Please arrive 15 minutes before the lesson started. Neither further arrangement of lesson nor make-up class for late comer. All The Rink Ice Rink Skating School Students exempt the entrance fee. But if students do not have personal skater, students must need to pay the Skate Rental fee upon paying the lesson fee(RMB20 per pair per lesson). Please timely contact our school for registration after pursuing your own skates. Within our daily business hours, students who are enrolled with lessons can enjoy free practice time no more than 120 minutes before the lesson and no more than 120 minutes after the lesson. The rest of the time students can enjoy a 50% discount of the normal skating fee. Deducted value is non-refundable when students forget to tap their Smart Card before lesson. Students must bring along the Registered Smart Card for check-in the lesson. Students must wear long sleeves sportswear, thick stockings and gloves.

Smart Card

Students and one parents or Guardian attending lesson must bring along with his/her Smart card attendance registration (except make-up lessons). The Smart card must be the same one registered at the skating school during enrollment. Student should register his/her attendance 15 minutes before the lesson started. The Rink Skating School students must enter the ice rink with their registered Smart card. An administrative fee of RMB ¥5 will be charged for changing the registration of another Smart card. (Each student is only allowed to register ONE Smart card)

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