• The Rink @ IFS CS

    Opened in CHANGSHA

    7 May 2018

The Rink

The Rink致力為溜冰者感受到前所未有的溜冰體驗。我們是首個溜冰場採用”不溜冰,不收費”的慨念, 我們選用八達通付款系統, 令收費更彈性及多元化。

此慨念減少了溜冰人士於櫃檯排隊等候時間, 溜冰者只需用八達通卡通過設於冰面前的閘口而溜冰玩樂. 當溜冰者用八達通卡通過閘口離開冰面時, 收費系統會按溜冰者使用冰面的時間按每分鍾計算自動收費。除了每日固定洗冰時間外,  The Rink不設分段入場時間表, 使用者可自由進出享用設施.

此外, 父母更可於30分鐘內免費於The Rink內的公眾區觀賞小孩子溜冰時的開心時刻或當有需要時作出協助。為了確保各位溜冰者有愉快的溜冰經歷, The Rink會提供不同的租用扶手給初次溜冰人仕及家庭, 包括企鵝, 海豹,小熊及海豚。致力令每位溜冰者都能感受到溜冰的樂趣。

Events & Offers

We also have group, semi-private, private and particular festival courses for you according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for arranging your suitable courses.



Increased sanitization
Increased sanitization

In view of the coronavirus, our company have carried out deep sanitizations and cleaning, the touchable places including skates rack, railing, rental skate and rental handrail etc.

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The rink apps is available
The rink apps is available

The rink apps is available now in android! You can search “rink” in Play store or scan below QR code to download it. IOS version will be released soon!

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