The Rink

1. 3月28日下午六時前的課堂將如常上課。
2. 3月28日下午六時後的課堂將如期順延,直至4月11日,課堂將於4月12日繼續。

The Rink offers skaters an experience like none other in Hong Kong. We are the first ice skating rink to integrate the 『pay as you skate』 concept using the automated Octopus system.

Our 『Open Rink』 design concept removes the need for a ticket booth, therefore eliminating lineups and congestion. Utilizing this system, skaters enter the ice surface using their Octopus Card and pay by the minute. 『The Rink』 does not operate on fixed time sessions, apart from the short resurface duration, this ensures that skaters have the most flexible access anytime during the day.

Parents accompanying junior skaters can enter the back of house area freely to watch or assist their children. We provide unique safety handrails for first time skaters and families in adorable designs, such as penguin, seal, bear and dolphin which will assure you wonderful memories to cherish for years to come.

Events & Offers

We also have group, semi-private, private and particular festival courses for you according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for arranging your suitable courses.



Public hygiene notice
Public hygiene notice

For public hygiene, you are REQUIRED to wear a surgical mask in the area of our rink, if you refuse to do so, our company has the right to refuse your admission to entry.

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Increased sanitization
Increased sanitization

In view of the coronavirus, our company have carried out deep sanitizations and cleaning, the touchable places including skates rack, railing, rental skate and rental handrail etc.

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